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Infrared heating panels for office and domestic applications

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Infrared heating panels provide a different type of heating, this new and exciting heating solution offers excellent advantages over typical heating systems. All surfaces are warmed directly, rather than the air and this heat is radiated back into the room, provides a constant and pleasant environment. This is in a similar way to the way the sun warms the earth.

  1. Efficiency savings either directly or via total lifetime costs, no boiler breakdowns or maintenance costs.
  2. Requires no pipework or modifications to install and integrates into the building easily, via wall, ceiling or suspended ceilings (replaces a standard tile size)

Installation is a simple DIY task and only requires an electrician if wiring directly into the circuit.

Panels come in three different wattages and three different mounting options, wall/ceiling, suspended ceiling or floor mounted and carry an 10-year warranty and made in the UK. As each panel is individually

What size and how many do I need?

As a rough guide, the amount of watts a room needs is work out, by the size and the construction of the building.

An average modern building will need approximately 50 watts per M2 standard room heights.

An older building, perhaps with solid walls will need more due to increased heat loss, but an ultra-eco building only around 25-30 Watts.

What about thermostats and controlling?

To add even more control timer plug in sockets can come with thermostats, in our experience it does take a little time to optimise the temperature, but certainly well worth doing. In larger and multi-panel installations are often installed with more sophisticated control systems, including PIR, zonal heating systems and linked to building management systems (BMS)

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items