Domestic Rainwater Harvesting 10000 Litres

A complete 10000 litre rainwater harvesting package, including an underground storage tank, integrated filter, a telescopic neck with a pedestrian rated cover.  For the VF-1 filter the tank will be supplied with two necks and lids.

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Storage tank size 10000 litres

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A complete rainwater harvesting system package direct from the manufacturer.  The 10,000 litre is generally suitable for the larger project and these are typically installed into a 5+ bedroom dwellings and with large gardens/outside tap use.  Our sales team will be able to confirm the most suitable size for you if you wish.

Storage tank details

10,000 litre underground storage tank, complete with two pedestrian rated telescopic neck and lids, push fit DN100 drainage connections. Made from virgin polyethylene plastic, ribbed for strength and in most cases, installed without the need for concrete.

Physical dimensions of the tank

Height 1250mm x Width 2700mm x Length 4770mm

In-tank filter

The system comes with a choice of in-tank filters.

1) Compact filter suitable for roof areas up to 150M2

2) PF filter suitable for roof areas up to 200M2

3) VF-1 filter suitable for roof areas up to 500M2

The filter is pre-installed into the neck of the tank, where is it joined to the also pre-fitted calming inlet. This filter removes leaves, grit and other debris from the incoming water to approximately 1mm.  Finer particles form a "scum layer" and are washed away during overflow or filtered out by the secondary filtration.  The filter is easy to clean, usually about 3-4 times per year.  There are no consumables, just lift, rinse and replace.


The submersible pump is suspended from a pre-fitted hook in the neck of the storage tank by a stainless steel chain.  It comes with a high quality large handle, for easy lifting if necessary.  The pump delivers approximately 4 bar of pressure and up to 3,500 litres/hr of flow.  The pump is started automatically by the control system and has dry run protection as standard.


There is a choice of controls for your system, these are 1) Direct pressure and 2) Header tank (Indirect).  Both control systems are priced the same and so you can choose the correct system for your application, free of any cost implications.

1) Direct pressure, this system works by supplying the water directly to the point of use.  For example, if a WC is flushed, then straightaway the pump is energised and water is pumped to refill the cistern.  The pump stops when pressure in the rainwater harvesting pipe-work has been restored.  Should the storage tank reach low-level, then mains water is introduced into the tank, but only the minimal required.  Thus leaving maximum capacity to receive the next rainfall.  This cycle continues until the float-switched controlled level has been restored to a pre-set level.  The controls come complete with a class AA air-gap required for water regulations.

2) Header/indirect, this system uses a 82 litre header tank (460mm X 613mm x 450mm WLH supplied).  Water is pumped to the header tank from the storage tank via the submersible pump.  When demand is placed on the header tank, water is gravity fed to the point of use.  Our header tank has a patent-pending mechanical delay action, this means that a WC or similar demand can be flushed 4-5 times, before the pump starts and fills the header tank completely in one go.  Should the underground tank become low, the header tank will continue to be depleted until the level has reached the main water top-up level.  At this point, mains water is introduced directly to the header tank.  As the pump is starting and stopping less frequently than direct systems and indeed other header tank systems, power consumption and the life of the pump will be better.

Pre-fitted and also supplied

  • The systems are shipped out with the filter, calmed inlet and drainage connections pre-fitted.
  • All non-standard plumbing fittings,
  • Roll of 32mm MDPE (length as per option above),
  • Marker tape and ID packs


The price shown includes VAT and free mainland UK delivery (excludes Highlands and Islands). Please call 0845 1250 000 for all other delivery areas. - Vehicle will be a flat-bed without hiab. Offloading is the customer's responsibility.

Further information

A link to the installation manual is provided.  Should you require details about a non UK mainland delivery or technical clarification, including help with sizing of rainwater system, please call our sales office on 0845 1250 000 (local rate) 01636 894916 (standard) or email 


Domestic installation guide

A technical guide to the domestic rainwater harvesting range

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